The Kite Runner

Khaled Hosseini - Riverhead books

Read By: Nur hanifah

I took this book by googling first with keyword ‘recommended book to read’.afterward I led to goodreads website and I found endless list book attached with their rating.At first I choosed book entitled ‘does my head look big in this’ but sadly I couldn’t find free ebook for it. So I shifted to the other book that is the Kite Runner. This book has good rating so I thought it might be nice to read and I did. I searched for free ebook and I found it..yeayy

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
112 September 2017Page 1-22Campus5 mins

The first day I just able to read 2 pages.I feel little bit bored with the intro.

213 September 2017Page 31Campus3 mins

Have no willing to read,feel so lazy🙁

324 September 2017Page 41Boarding school3 mins

I just opened the book a glance..

425 September 2017Page 5-106 pagesAt home+/- 15 mins

In this part the writer started to lifted up the characters in this novel. I began to interested in. All of the main characters was mentioned detail and clearly. It was unique I think. Still there's some writer's point of view that I'm not in line with him. However it is okay for me to looked other's perception.I red this book it doesn't mean that I totally agree with the writer's point of view but still I really loved to the 'friendship' journey shown in this novel.

51 October 2017Page 11-2111Boarding school+/- 20 mins

Problems was emerged. How's father feeling to his own son that the one and only son wasn't how he had invisioned it. This novel showed that situation in A good way. lot of dialog shown.I more interested in dialog part.

63 October 2017Page 22-3312Boarding school+/- 30 mins

I loved this part so so much. How loyal Hassan to Amir.Hassan was A servant of Amir, though they used to played together. This part showed how Hassan sacrificed himself for protecting Amir.How kind you are,Hassan.

75 October 2017Page 34-429At home+/- 20 mins

In this part introduced the old tradition in Kabul,Afghanistan that is "Kite tournament". It always yearned by all people in Kabul.This part showed how ambition could beated anything and how fear recalled you to deep regret.

86 October 2017Page 43-9148 pagesAt home+/- 90 mins

This part showed how everlasting scar was formed. Loyal guy vs coward one. This part drifting me so much.

911 October 2017Page 92-10312At boarding school1 hour

I was shocked on this part when it told that one of the main character die. I complaint why its too fast?? And apparently it just a snare..Its like my heart beat fast and coming down so so sudden..

1012 October 2017104-1129At boarding school+/- 20 mins

in this section told about the long journey of Amir's life, he and Baba must moved from his land to America. it told how to adjust with new environment and culture. For Amir America wa a place to burry his memories.finally in this part he was brave to decided where he Will bring his own life.

1113 October 2017112-1187At boarding school+/- 30 mins

This part make me just smiling. finally for the first time his heart quickening because of girl.Amir was loving a girl at first sight.

1214 October 2017118-14124At boarding school+/- 1 hour

I think I started going on the part that is always interesting to read. About love about his willingness to marry her soon.about his father healt and about he finally became suitor and he was accepted.its Relly nice to follow.

1315 October 2017141-16222At home+/- 1 hour

Still happy story about his wedding,his good carrier . I feel so happy when his novel finally approved and going to published soon then I realize its just a fiction. I feel really got carried away with the story. Then he and his wife stuck on unexplain infertility.

1416 October 2017163-1664At home15 mins

A way to be good again was emerged. This part started show ing Amir the the solution to paying his sins in the past.How nice it is😊

1519 October 2017Page 174-1818At home15 mins

This part told how Amir finally met rahim Khan after for long time they were apart.lots of story that rahim shared to Amir:
*How Afganistan was invaded by Taliban
*How apparently he lives with hassan's famili
*Ali ,Hassan,and his wife were killed

1620 October 2017182-25170At boarding school2 hours

Amir felt disoriented,he has to revaluate his surrounding,reoriented himsefl.thats what Amir felt after rahim Khan revealed big secret about him and this part Amir found a way to be good many struggle,so many barrier,so many sacrifies faced by Amir. Long journey to save sohrab

1721 October 2017252-32776At home3 hours

In the
effort to take back Sohrab with him to lived in America. However so many problem faced,after Amir sucessful save sohrab from Assef in Kabul,Afghanistan. Problems dealing with imigration, complicated.but finally Amir Succesful bringing Sohrab for her wife and a way to be good again was complete. Sin in the past was payed. They all happy every after🤗. Alhamdulillah finally I finished read this book