The Lost Symbol

Dan Brown - Doubleday

Read By: Muhammad Fadli

The Lost Symbol

This is interesting book if you’re a fans of Dan Brown’s writting, you will not only read a novel but also get new knowledges from this novel, especially in history and buildings . It has 476 pages (e-book edition), and 528 pages (book edition) and 133 chapters.

This book is the third book of The Da Vinci Code Trilogy published in September 2009. The main character Robert Langdon, Professor of Cult Symbology in Harvard, is doing the kind of “adventure” to solve the symbol in The Masonic Pyramid. I highly recommended this book if you want to get novel with thriller, adventure, and knowledge at the same time

Character : Robert Langdon, Peter Solomon, Katherine Solomon, Trish Dunne, Isabel Solomon, Warren Bellamy, Inoue Sato, Reverend Colin Galloway, Trent Anderson, Jonas Faukman, Nola Kaye


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NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
11 December 2017Chapter 1 - 727Bedroom20 mins

Tells about Robert Langdon got a call to give a speech in U.S. Capitol by Peter Solomon. Little bit talk about Landon's classroom situation, and talk sbout Mal'akh "The Bad Guy"

This novel is really interesting :D

Keywords : US Capitol, Capitol Dome, The Capitol Visitor Center

22 December 2017Chapter 8 - 1731Bedroom26 mins

When Langdon arrived at the US Capitol, in National Statuary Hall, it was empty no one there. Then Langdon got a phone call from a mysterious guy told him that Peter Solomon (Langdon's Friend) is kidnapped. Robert Langdon found Peter Solomons' right hand in the Rotunda, tattoed by several "ancient" symbol (The Hand of the Mysteries - Alchemy Symbol of Transformation-means an invitation to receive hidden wisdom). It also talk about Katherine Solomon (Peter's younger sister) and her secret lab.

I got new knowledge about symbol, building in US, and science. The more I read this book the more it get interesting.

Keywords : National Statuary Hall, purgatory, Rotunda, The Hand of the Mysteries

35 December 2017Chapter 18 - 2435bedroom29 mins

Talk about Katherine's lab, and moment when Katherine hired Trish (her assistant). CIA Director Inoue Sato forced Langdon to explain the meaning of the symbols in Peter's cut hand. This part also talked about Rotunda, and building around the world. Langdon explains about the meaning of the symbol to the CIA director.
Katherine visits Dr. Abaddon (Mal'akh- Peter's doctor) house in Kalorama Heights, and talk abou Peter's secret.
Another tatto found in Peter’s open palm
Talk about the moment when Peter ask Langdon to keep an eye on "valuable package"

Keyword : Noetic Science, Apotheosis, The Apotheosis of Washington, The Last Supper, Adoration of the Magi, and Saint John the Baptist

46 December 2017Chapter 25 - 3235Livingroom30 mins

Talking about the search-spider results (some words : Underground, Washington DC, Ancient Portal, Pyramid, Engraved Symbolon) that Katherine ask Trish to look for them. Trish found an encrypted-file about it and ask her friendMark Zoubianis to decrypted it.
Langdon find out that the tattoed picture in the Peter's palm is It refers to a section of the Capitol that
few ever visited. (-Senate Basement)
Mal'akh in the appereance of Dr. Abaddon tries to go to the SMSC to destroy Katherine's research and lab.
Talking about masonic degree, 33 is the highest masonic level, and Peter is one of the member, indicated by the ring that he wore. Symbol of the ring .

Senate Basement Map :
Keywords : Smithsonian Museum Support Center, ORDO
AB CHAO, Masonic degree

58 December 2017Chapter 33 - 4333Bedroom27 mins

Dr. Abaddon (Mal'akh) is accompanied by Trish on the way to Katherine's secret lab. Trish shows the collection of pod 3 to Mal'akh. She got murdered there.
Langdon and the group on the way to find room encoded by SBB XIII, and talk about "number 13". SBB XIII is a secret Chamber of Reflection. There are some codes that related to Masonic Pyramid. There is a stone pyramid inside the chamber, it has some codes on it.

Keywords : Chamber of Reflection
VITRIOL : Visita interiora terrae, rectificando invenies occultum lapidem

69 December 2017Chapter 44 - 5232Bedroom25 mins

Langdon met Warren Bellamy (Peter's friend, -masonic member 33rd degree) to talk more about masonic pyramid. They try to translate the code that Langdon found in the Pyramid's surface.
Flashback into the moment when Peter's son Zachary in Soganlik - Turkish Prison.

This part also describe about The Library of Congress, the way the author write the story made me feel "I'm in the library, and I'm the do-er of this story"

Keywords : the Library of Congress

711 December 2017Chapter 53 - 6233Kitchen25 mins

Talk about Mal'akh past, when he tried to robe the pyramid in Peter's house, then he killed Isabel Solomon (Peter's mother).
And talk about Zachary, when he was young, and chosen as the next keeper of the pyramid, but he denied.

Keywords : Adams Building

812 December 2017Chapter 63 - 76238 - 271Bedroom25 mins

Langdon and Katherine try to decrypt the next code after decrypt the previous code. It refers to one of Albrecht Dürer's art - Melencolia I-. They key to solve the code is on a Albrecht Dürer's magic square. The result is Jeova Sanctus Unus, that leads into the next code.
Warren Belamy arrested by CIA, and CIA take him into U.S. Botanic Garden to interrogate him.

Keywords : The garden’s Carderock gazebo,Albrecht Dürer , Melencolia I, Albrecht Dürer's magic square, U.S. Botanic Garden, The secret hides within The Order

913 December 2017Chapter 77 - 84271 - 302Kitchen25 mins

Talking about Andros on the process of being Mal'akh. The process of understanding the Mason, and process of get tattooed on his body.
Jeova Sanctus Unus leads Langdon and Katherine into Washington National Cathedral to meet Reverend Colin Galloway—dean of the cathedral. They ask Reverend Colin to help them solve the symbols and the pyramid.

This part also describe about some important places in US, especially in Washington.
The more I read, the more I get new knowledge from this book. It's so interesting.

Keywords : New York Public Library, The George Washington Masonic Memorial, Washington National Cathedral

1014 December 2017Chapter 85 - 95302 - 332Bedroom25 mins

Reverend Colin Galloway help them to decipher the pyramid, the pyramid transform into a cube, and the cube becomes a cross Symbolic alchemy. The next code is related to Isaac Newton.
CIA Director, Warren Bellamy, together with Langdon and Katherine works together, to arrest Mal'akh by using the code that they decrypted from the pyramid. It refers to Franklin square.

Keywords : Franklin Square

1115 December 2017Chapter 96 - 107335 - 373Bedroom25 mins

Robert Langdon trapped in a glass box in Mal’akh house. Mal’akh knows that CIA make a trap to arrest him. Landon is forced to solve the code in the bottom surface of the pyramid that leads into next clue. Langdon finds it hard because the symbols on it was make no sense at all “Total Chaos” and he tries not to drown in the box because there is some fluid that flows into the box.

Keywords : The Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.

1216 December 2017Chapter 108 - 116374 - 403Bedroom27 mins

CIA goes to Mal’akh house to find Mal’akh and safe Langdon and Katherine. Langdon and Katherine still try to decipher the symbol on the bottom surface of the pyramid.

Keywords : House of Temple

1317 December 2017Chapter 117 - 125404 - 435Bedroom25 mins

These part really interesting and amazing, they have unpredictable plot twist, after all Mal’akh is Zachary (Peter’s son). He was not died in the prison, but he transforms into Andros and then become Mal’akh.

1418 December 2017Chapter 126 - 133 (end)435 - 47326 minsNHIC

To know the end of this novel, and what is actually the pyramid and symbols means, you have to read this novel by yourself :D
This is really a good novel, the way the author giving the story about history, places, science etc. was really surprising and unpredictable. This novel really makes me fell that I’m on the same situation with Robert Langdon, and it makes my curiosity increase every time I read it. And finally, this is the best novel that I have ever read.