The Maze Runner

James Dashner - Delacorte Press

Read By: Apbaswe

I want to know the original version of this story because i have watched the movie version.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
118 September 2017Chapter 15 pagesHome10 minutes

I found some uncommon words, but it's not really problem because i can understand the content as well

22 October 2017Chapter 25 pagesHome8 minutes

Well, i found different part between the novel and the movie version, where in the movie version at that part was cut.

310 October 2017Chapter 3 - 515 pagesHome1 hours, 15 minutes

There some parts that i can be found in novel but not in movie, and i found an odd term such as "klunk"....and there's no explanation in it.

411 October 2017Chapter 6Page 29-32NHIC20 minutes

In this chapter i found different part again......where Thomas (the main figure) knew about the Grievers ( The fusion of animal and machine) that lived in the maze (the called it 'the glade)

512 October 2017Chapter 733-37NHIC Library25 minutes

The story continued...but with different plot to the movie version.....especially in the novel there was a part that explained alby gave thomas a tour around the glade.

615 October 2017Chapter 8-938-48At home1 hour

"The story continued when a strange accident happened...that was 2 greenie (new comer) in one month........" that scenewas not shown in the movie completely, not the same with the novel.

717 October 2017Chapter 10 - 1249-59At home1 hour

Ben, the sick boy finally died . He was killed by Alby. It is very contrast to the movie movie after stung by the Griever he was forced to enter the maze. Or on the other word...the Gladers ditched him. Also Thomas met Minho for the first time. Minho found something which was a dead griever inside the maze......of course in the movie totally different..instead followed the plot, they changed the story where Thomas was the one who killed the griever. We know that Thomas and Minho was just met in personal for the first time.

818 October 2017Chapter 13-1460-66At home45 minutes

Ben wasn't died in fact, and he attacked Thomas once more.. .and finally alby decided to banish him to the maze.

919 October 2017Chapter 1567-72At home35 minutes

This part has different way to be shown in the movie version, where the gladers knew about the dead griever just by someone's telling

1023 October 2017Chapter 16-17Page 73-82At home45 minutes

Thomas made a decision to run into the maze and help Minho to carry out Alby who has been stung by the Griever. After run into the maze and help mihno , it was too late because the gate has been closed and they stucked inside the maze for night.

1124 October 2017Chapter 18-21Page 83-97NH Mosque1 hour

In the chapter i think quiet interesting part......because between the movie and book are you know in the movie thomas and minho decide to tie Alby on the wall but in the book Minho was gone after the gate closed...and Thomas who has been done it alone ( tied Alby up to the wall) with the ivy, also in the movie shows that Thomas was hide at the bottom of the ivy but in the book he hung up beside alby who was unconscious at that time.

1226 October 2017Chapter 22-23Page 98 - 106Hartono mall35 minutes

The grievers realized about the existence of Thomas. Thomas suddenly, get down the wall and run as fast as he can and left Alby there. On the way he met minho, then they run together avoid the chasing of the grievers.