The Perfect Storm

Sebastian Junger - W. W. Norton & Company

Read By: Apbaswe

Book Review By Apbas Wee
I choose this book because i’m interested in the story which is about adventure and the life of fishermen where they always face dangerous situation or things on the sea.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
112 November 2017Chapter 1 (Gloucester, 1991)Page 12-20Home15 minutes

This story was inspired by true story of The Storm which happened in 1991 on the Atlantic Ocean. The plot focused on the fishermen life in Gloucester City, Massachussets, USA ( which is well-known as fishermen city). In Gloucester, there was a famous small cheap hotel called as Crow's Nest. It's the place where young single fisherman lives. Most of the fishermen are fishing swordfish. Because swordfish are cost high. In Crow's Nest, there is a 50 year old woman who works there named Ethel Shartford. She was like a mother for those young single fishermen who lived there because she took care of them.

214 November 2017Chapter 2 (Preparing to leave)- chapter 3 ( Saying Goodbye)Page 21 - 37NH mosque15 minutes

One of Ethel's son named Bobby Shatford. He is fisherman. He needs to go to the sea to make money because he has a problem in his life which is his divorce. Then he joins one of the famous swordfishing boat called Andrea Gail under captain of Billy Tyne. Andrea Gail only carries 6 persons on her. After 30 days fishing...they come back. In crow's nest, Christina Cotter (Bobby's girlfriend) waits for bobby's coming.
A month later, Billy Tyne makes decision to get back to the sea again. They prepare everything (stuffs, tools, things, etc) before going to the sea. Unfortunally, they are in doubt about this plan, they feel that's a bad idea. But then, they forget about that feeling and stay focus on their purpose which is earning much money.
Before they go to the sea...the crew ask for minutes to say goodbye to their relatives....Bobby ask a permission to his mom (ethel)....and Chris..."don't go!!" Ask chris to bobby. Bobby explains to chris that he has to do this because this is the only solution for his problem. Then they all go back to the sea again, Reaching their hope to be true.

316 November 2017Chapter 4 - 5Page 38-54Home30 minutes

Billy Tyne has been decided the destination where they would go. The Grand Banks (part of Canada) that is the place where a lot of fish gathered. They do fishing at the part of that area called "nose" and "tail", it takes 7 days to reach that place from Gloucester. Grand Banks also well-known as the place of storm because the weather there is unpredictable. After has been fishing there for about week, they only get not enough fish. Looking at this condition, Billy Tyne doesn't want to go home soon. He wants more....he has his own reason. Billy Tyne wants more fish isn't because of money, but because of fishing is his passion, his pleasure. Then he decides to go further to other place called Flemish Cap. But before go there, they have a problem. They storm is coming and crash his boat. There is a hole on the Andrea Gail's deck and water starts to fulfill her.

418 November 2017Chapter 6-7Page 55-68NHIC20 minutes

Flemish Cap is a long way trip. Andrea Gail needs more fuel to reach it. Andrea Gail has a owner named Bob Brown. Bob has other fishing boat called Hannah Boden which has a captain named Linda Greenlaw. When Andrea Gail on her trip to Flemish Cap, she runs out of fuel. Fortunately her sister Hannah Boden pass by her. Billy tells Linda about his plan, at first she warns him because that place can be really dangerous. Billy convinces her that they would be OK and bring a lot of fish soon.
Finally they reached Flemish Cap . And it's true, they get much fish until their storage full. They remembered that they have to get back earlier because the machine which produces ice for freezing the fish is no longer works well. They get a report about the weather, but they take a risk to pass it in order to get back home soon. That is very huge storm which will be faced by Andrea Gail. Andrea Gail sails nead Sable Island (many fishermen call that place as " Graveyard of The Atlantic". Near that place there is dead current and many storms happen. During the storm, Billy Tyne and his crew stay inside the boat, wait until the storm gets better. Unfortunately it doesn''s getting worse..the wave was about 100 feet, and the wind blows for about 80 knot. Billy tried to call for help, he calls linda with his sound of frigthened.
No far from Sable Island, there is another boat named Satori ( Sailing Boat/yacht). She has owner named Ray Leonard and his two crews Karen and Sue. They are at the same situation as Andrea Gail, stuck into the storm. The waether is getting worse and worse, the only thing thay could do is just stay and wait until it done.
Billy keeps trying to call others, but suddenly the antennas was swept away by the wave. They are totally lost contact to others. 6 men could do nothing. They think that they would die there.

520 November 2017Chapter 8Page 69-77Home10 minutes

The weather is getting worse, Karen has a plan, they should leave the Satori by using life raft. After they pack their need, they are ready but sue screams that their life raft has blown by the wind. They get down again to inside.
Karen tries many ways in order to make them safe. She calls for help " Mayday Call". After an hour waiting, the U.S coast guard catches their Mayday call. They send a falcon jet and a rescue ship "tamaroa".
After tamaroa arrives, the problem comes....Ray doesn't want to life Satory because it is his home. After debating this problem, finally Karen can change ray's mind. Tamaroa captain " Lawrence Brudnicki" decides to send raft with machine to rescue ray, karen, and sue. Unfortunately the raft was pushed by a huge wave. Six rescuers needed to be help now (wkwkwkkwkw lol). Then Brudnicki should take another way to rescue them...the pilot said that they can help them by pulling them up using basket. Brudnicki agreed with that because it's the only way. The pilot throws the basket into the water and also one profesional swimmer named Claude hessel, he swims to the Satori and ask 9 victims to jump into the water and to rescue them (Alhamdulillah....Takbir!!!).

625 November 2017Chapter 9Page 78- 82At home10 minutes

After rescuing Satori, Tamaroa get to rescue another victim (!). The victim is Helicopter H-60, it had crashed into the ocean and sunk immediately because of run out of fuel. Before H-60 crashed the ocean....5 crew of it jumped first. Four men could stayed together but the fifth man...he lost ( sad hikshiks). After an hour tamaroa arrives to the place, captain brudnicki thinks about how to save them....he could do the same thing that he did to satori because the wave is very high. He decided to throw a net on the tamaroa side and ask the four men to swim closer to the ship and climb the net. With the rest of their energy, the four men swim to the ship and climb it....finally they made it....(Horay).

71 December 2017Chapter 10Page 83 - 89At home15 minutes

Other swordfishing boat and rescue team are trying to find Andrea Gail that was lost for about 2 weeks in the Storm. One morning, Chris wakes up from her sleep. She was dream about her dream...she was at Andrea Gail, alone...she couldn't find anyone there...then she was surprised about something that she found was Bobby's death body. But she tried to keep on her beliefs that He's still alive.
A huge search began for Andrea Gail. The next two day, Hannah Boden goes home, to Gloucester. On the way back home, Linda greenlaw finds drums which was written "AG". She believes that it's Andrea Gail's fuel drum. Other boat, named Marry T...under control by Albert Johnston also find the tank which is the place for save the fuel of Andre Gail.

84 December 2017Chapter 11Page 90-96At home15 minutes

After the search of Andrea Gail ended, Chris still waits for Bobby...every day she comes to harbor and sit on the pier.
Others relatives of the crew go the chruch service. They pray for the Andrea Gail. Andrea Gail's gone.
A year later, at Crow's Nest a man comes and orders beer...Ethel shocks at that time because the man looks like Bobby. "Your face looks like my son" tell ethel also show the Bobby's picture. The man replies"if i send this picture to my mom, she won't be able to differenciate which one is me".
Poeple who work at sea often have strange beliefs. They believe that some people are marked, and it is their destiny to die at the sea. Maybe they will escape death several times, but one day the sea will kill them.

- The End -