The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Steven Chbosky - Pocket Books

Read By: Nurul Firdaus

Coming age friends are still friends.


I decided to chose this book because I’m curious about what actually happened to the main character that he became someone people avoid

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
114 November 2017Part One - 1st and 2nd diaries7 pagesbed30mins

This book bring me back when I was a high school student. Somehow...

226 November 2017Part One - 3rd up to 5th diaries6 pageshome 🏠20 mins

I reread the book from the first page because I couldn't get the point in a first read trial. It took me twice to understand Steven's novel though it's only about a male high schooler who have difficulty blend with school friends and have an emotional personality. Two words, I'm Touched.

326 November 2017Part One - 6th up to 9th diaries9 pagesbedroom30mins

We accept the love we think wr deserve it.

41 December 2017Part One to Two - 10th upto 15th diaries12pagesgranny's place40mins

But as mich as she told me not to, I do worry a lot about her. She's my sister after all.

Charlie's feeking got me right. I worry my sister quite a lot that she told me to stop worrying her. I miss her more..

51 December 2017Part Two - 16th upto 20th diaries10pagesgranny's place30 mins

There is a common thing used by nativr but somehow I don't get it fast.

"Nobody got me a present."

Okay. The more I read this sentence the more I become confuse

61 December 2017Part Two - 21st upto 22nd diaries2.5 pagesgranny's place10 mins

I realize this novel page is rigid and stuffy that spent more time in reading. still, I'm enjoying the story

72 December 2017Part Two - 22nd upto 33rd diaries31 pagesgranny's place2hours 9mins

LSD, sister's false pregnancy all things burdening Charlie. I'm afraid this could hapoen to people outside there.

83 December 201734th - 39th diaries12 pageshome30mins

the break up story is flat

94 December 201740th-44th9 pagesbedroom30mins

university things always make everyone hyped except people who left behind

108 December 201745th-47th8bedroom33mins

Though broken up hurts both parties, I wish the third party aching as hurt as other two. I guess friendship way worthy than high school love story.

119 December 201748th diary8bedroom39mins

Graduation PARTY (aka ceremony. lol)

Happy for people even myself for accomplished twelve years continuously studying in the dungeon. Happy for the good taste of school and books and friends and homework and exam and teacherzzz, and you.

1210 December 201749th diary16bedrooooom again3 hours

This part much likely livens the art of moving in in my memories which I haven't taste since I enter uni. I miss being a nomad girl where I could explore places with new vibes and air and friends and the sunrise.

1311 December 2017Epilogue4bedroomie30 mins

You know, a moment when a part of your brain starting to splash its bad to the whole body, affecting your thinking skill and causing nausea and you trying to be okay even when your hand is sweating a lot, is what happened when your best people leaving you, either for good or bad. The brain is adjusting the missing part.

And you'll be okay later. Since I had it once.
or maybe twice.