The Rainbow Troops

Andrea Hirata - PT Bentang Pustaka

Read By: Taufik Nugroho

I’m interested to choose this book because this book has many value to be good student and to be good teacher.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
118 September 2017chapter 18 pagesHouse10 mins

In the fist chapter, describe about how doubt the head master of the school tries to continue school with nine students. whereas, the minimum students to continue the school are ten. But, in last time, he got one student to complete the limit minimum students.

220 September 2017chapter 28 pagesHouse15 mins

in this chapter, explain how the main actor describe his class mates, start from their story in the class, their physical body, behavior, and their lacks. I'm actually enjoy reading this chapter but sometimes I have some words that I don't know the meaning of it so that, I've to check my dictionary.

322 September 2017chapter 3 - 716 pageshouse45 mins

reading this chapters makes me bit sad, because the author describe school's conditions that has many lacks to named as the school. Beside that, on this chapter told the son's promise to his father that he will shows to his father that he can write his name well than his father. so inspiring !

426 September 2017chapter 8-914 pageshouse45 mins

so interesting when the students start to share their dreams and they become a new students I mean, they can more brave and spirit and also they can more know their class mates characters.

55 October 2017chapter 10-1323 pageshouse35 mins

They are starting to show their boured skills and they also shows activity like singing, poems and drawing. In next part they told about outside the Malay culture

613 October 2017chapter 14 - 1613 pageshouse30 mins

Giving a name of "Laskar Pelangi "

716 October 2017chapter 17-1815 pageshouse20 mins

Preparing Indonesia Independence Day by giving dance performance.

819 October 2017chapter 19-2012 pageshouse10 mins

After the carnival, Ikal was felt falling in love with A Ling so he describes his feeling with creating poetry

930 October 2017chapeter 21-226 pagesclass10 mins

After carnival

102 November 2017chapter 22-2414 pageshouse15 mins

preparing LCC in Belitong

113 November 2017chapter 254 pageshouse10 mins

I was felt bored while reading this chapter

126 November 2017chapter 2612 pageshouse25 mins

I'm happy

137 November 2017chapter 275 pagesclass13 mins

it's good chapter

1413 November 2017chapter 28-3010 pageshouse17 mins

LCC competition

1516 November 2017chapter 31-3411campus15 mins

Pak Harfan has passed away

1622 November 2017chapter 354 pageshouse8 mins

Lintang left their friends and he doesn't continue the school forever

1724 November 2017chapter 36-3710 pageshuse10 mins

Bu Mus who is teaching alone like a hero for the students

1827 November 2017chapter 38-4012 pageshouse15 mins

some students motivating BuMus whe she felt sad

1928 November 2017chapter 41-4320 pageshouse24 mins

just feel bored and sleepy while reading these chapters but it makes me understand that friendship is best experience while we life.

207 December 2017chapters 44-4614 pageshouse10 mins

tells about Lintang's exprience while searching job in Jakarta and process when he organize his scholarship

2113 December 2017chapter 47-488 pageshouse19 mins

Ikal come back to belitong and he found Lintang. These chapters are the last cahpter of the book. the end.