The Rules of Life

Richard Templar - Pearson Education

Read By: nastitisaputri

I choose this book because it sounds interesting. I want to try reading non-fiction book. I believe that this book will give me a lot of advices in leading my life.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
114 November 2017Introduction and Rule 19 pagesBedroom20 minutes

I find myself got bored while I read it. Sadly, I'm afraid that I might not be interested in reading furthermore.
The book contains behaviours which we have to apply in life, of course it is good, but maybe It will take quite long time for me to finally in love with the book.

216 November 2017Rule 2 - 1018Living room33 minutes

The most memorable during my reading in these chapters is that we have to accept ourselves just what they truly are.
"Stop picking faults with yourself or giving yourself a hard time. Instead, accept that you are what
you are. You’re doing the best you can at this point in time, so
give yourself a pat on the back and move on."

318 November 2017Rule 11-2530Bedroom57

I take back what I've said before about me having no confident in reading the books. At first, I didn't plan to read many pages in a one go, but I didn't realize that I've gained an interest to the book's content. I feel like I was only talking to a friend, instead of reading a book.
My most favorite rule in these chapters is it's okay to give up. People who have gone through a lot, might gave up if the situation really didn't show any support. We shouldn't push ourselves to do more than our own ability.

419 November 2017Rule 26-3010Bedroom20

One of the rules in these chapters told us to have small amount of time for ourselves. I was dumbfounded, to think only of ourselves is really refreshing. For me, maybe to be grateful of what has happened the day before and so on. It would made me eventually smile, or maybe cry, but that's okay. Because both hapoy and sad memories are still important. We will never understand the amazing feelings of being happy unless we've gone through sadness, right?

526 November 201731-56 [End of Rules for ourselves]52Bedroom69 minutes

It's been quite a long time to meet the book again...
It was really fun to read the book again.
"Looking after yourself is exactly that. Not relying on anyone
else to make sure you are fed on time and fed well, washed
and ready to go, comfortable, tidy, healthy, and let out regularly for your walk. It’s great being a grown-up. You get to stay up all night partying if you want to, but you can also choose to take care of yourself if you want to."
That is my favorite part of the whole those chapters of Rules for You part.

626 November 2017Rule 57-64 [Start of Rules for Partnership]16Bedroom42

I forgot to tell that for me, to read the book before going to sleep makes me feel happy. As I've daid before, the book reminded me of my closest family and friends, somehow, for me.
The most memorable statement is "Saying sorry has many benefits, even if it does stick in your throat a little. Not only does it give you the moral advantage,
but it also diffuses tension, gets rid of bad feelings, and clears
the air. Chances are that if you say sorry first, your partner will probably be humbled into apologizing also. Maybe.
Always remember you are not apologizing for the sin or

728 November 2017Rule 65-75 [Rule 73: Start of Family and Friends Rules]36Bedroom78 minutes

The most memorable statement of these chapters is when the book told us not to say unnecessary because one sentence could hurt the others feelings. So, if you're not sure pf what is going on, I suggest you to shut.

830 November 2017Rule 76-8621Bedroom57 minutes

The most memorable rule of life i these chapters is the rule 81, it says 'Be Up Around People You Love'. Honestly, I'm a person who easily get a moody, my mood is mostly unstable. I am the total opposite of the rule, I show my bad mood to people who knows me well and hide it from the people who I don't get close with.
In this rule, it said that we shouldn't say or show that we have a bad day, especially to the people whom we love. It makes me think whether I really should do the rule or not, since if I just bury it deep down, I'll explode someday and it will be worse.
However, I came to a conclusion that I should express my feelings if I feel bad -I do that by writing diary or writing, in every place I find so it is not managed properly-, I also pushed myself to have someone to talk to if wite my feelings didn't work. After my feelings have been expressed, I will put on my happy face. I know though, that I am still lacking of the aspect, but, I'm trying even until now, and later.

92 December 2017Rule 87-93 [Start of Social Rules]14Living room39 minutes

I can easily be angry or hurt. Sometimes, I don't care of how other people see me but the other times, I get worry easily, I don't want people to see my flaws, that is why I try my best not to look angry when I do in fact. When other people say something I don't like, I get burn inside, unfortunately, if I show my response, the others might see me as a weird person. For example, someone talk bad about my favorite thing, I get angry, I feel like want to give my arguments, but I should remember that they have the right to be open up about their opinion too.
That is why, this paragraph:
"It’s easy to be angry. It’s easy to get riled up and mutter or to
make rude gestures and swear. It isn’t so easy to be forgiving.
And I’m not talking about turning the other cheek here or any
of that stuff. I’m talking about seeing it from the other person’s
point of view. And being forgiving." really means so much for me. "... Seeing it from the other person's point of view..." My heart felt uneasy because of that sentence.

1010 December 2017Rule 94-10625Bedroom62 minutes

So, this is the end of the book. I thought that this book will be boring. Well, yeah, sometimes when I read it, the boredom would still there, but it doesn't mean that I give up on the book. Again, yeah, I did think about that, but I can't just delete the pdf from my phone.
It feels like I didn't read a book, instead a bunch of articles of quote. The author mostly gave the example for the rule, it made me understand what is meant by the rule well. I like the book. I like the way author makes me think that I didn't read a book, but a friend. A friend who reminds me what to do i order for me to live my life.