The Sun Sharer

Jack George Edmunson - MPG Books Group, Bodmin and King's Lynn

Read By: Yudhist

I’m really interested with the book because in the said that the book is “No. 1 free ebook in UK Chart Best Seller”. The book has about 121 pages.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
114 October 2017Chapter 17Dorm1 hour

The story is introduced in a weird yet interesting way. Because I've never read a book like this before. And it makes me want to read it more and more.

222 October 2017Chapter 111Dormitory1 hour

The continuation of the strory is really twisty.

313 November 2017Chapter 1 & 24Dorm30 minutes

Other characters are introduced one by one in th story. Basically they are friends and have their own family. And they are having a little party so that's how I know that they are friends.

419 November 2017Chapter 25Dorm30 minutes

The problem that the couple slowly revealed. Now I know that the couple is still in marriage but there is no "love" between them.

526 November 2017Chapter 25Dorm30 mins

Jack now was really curious about his imaginary fiend, Nim. He was wondering if he lived a happy life. He started to surf on Google to find out about his imaginary friend that might be had a relation with his grandma's savior.

628 November 2017Chapter 26Lobby of E Building FKIP UNS30 minutes

In this part of the book, the desperation of Jack about his marrieage started to be revealed. He really loved his son but he hated his wife. His wife, Melanie, asked Jack to pickup a list of groceries but she didn't even say thank you. Jack wanted to spend the following afternoon with his son when he got home from the supermarket. When Jack was away, Peter, one of Jack's friend, visited Jack's house and met Melanie. Melanie actually had ever cheated on Jack with Peter. In fact, in that time, Peter was teasing Melanie refused. When Jack went home, he didn't even mad with Peter, I guess because Jack hated Melanie so he didn't care that much.

730 November 2017Chapter 210PMI Surakarta30 minutes

In this part of the story, Jack experienced a great pain on his back while he was gardening. He looked miserable but his wife didn't really care. Melanie even complained about Jack ruining their son swimming schedule. After the pain was a little bit relieved, Jack went to the bathroom with his son and both of them were having a conversation like what Father and Son supposed to have. Jack told Joseph that he loved him for several times.

81 December 2017Chapter 27Dorm30 mins

Jack was still in his frustration but he couldn't hold it any longer. After he arrived at his office, he immediately wrote an email about how miserable he felt in last few years. He also stated so many times about how rude and disrespectful his wife was. After his wife recieved Jack's email, she called him that she understood and she knew what Jack really wanted, that was to celebrate his 50th birthday.

91 December 2017Chapter 2 & 313Dorm1 hour

Jack's mother was introduced in the story. His brother and his older son were also introduced. Jack felt really guilty about the passing of his dad and started to become his parents because when he was a little boy his parents were so busy that they didn't have any time for little Jack. In the following day, Jack celebrated his 50th birthday in a hotel with a lot fancy facilities but some of his pessimism sometime was still wandering through his mind.

102 December 2017Chapter 316Dorm1 hour

Jack ordered a book about Islam and read the few pages about it. Then, he started to understand more about God and was recalling his memories when He and Melanie was in Jerussalem for a vacation. Then, Peter delivered some of plants that Jack ordered and both of them were having a conversation like what most bestfriends did. In the evening, Melanie, called Harriet, friend of Jack that secretly admired him. Harriet didn't expect that Melanie would say that she only married to Jack because of lifestyle and money. Harriet was so shocked.

113 December 2017Chapter20Dorm2 hours

The store become more exciting when Harriet, Peter's wife, also didn't like being Peter's wife because he was so abusive. Jack really concerned with Harriet's life.

126 December 2017Chapter 319Dorm30 minutes

Jack slowly had a feeling for Birdget. Even both of them admit their feeling about each other. And the story ended with Jack attending his daughter's marriage in Paris. In the wedding party, he met a lot of people that he recognized, even his ex-wife. The wedding was brilliant for Jack but not so much for Melanie. The End