The Thing with Feathers

McCall Hoyle - Blink

Read By: nkarina13

I choose this book because the title is like the poem of Emily Dickinson, and it turns out that the name of the main character is Emilie. The titles of the chapter are based on Emily Dickinson’s works too. So, I think it’s going to be enjoyable reading the book.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
13 November 2017Chapter One : I'm Nobody! Who are you?7Living room13 minutes

The diction and the content in this book are quite understandable. The main character is also relatable.

25 November 2017Chapter 2 : I hide myself within flower & Chapter 3: I tasted life. It was a vast morsel.8Bedroom30 minutes

The name of the main character's crush is so well-created. He's like an imaginary charming boy :D

310 November 2017Chapter 3,4,511Bedroom45 minutes

Well, I was completely wrong about when I said the diction is quite understndable. In fact, after reading chapter by chapter, the diction chosen by the author is full of figurative language. I need to stop reading once or twice to search for the meaning. However, that's not a big deal. It's part of learning ^^

411 November 2017Chapter 6,712Bedroom35 minutes

I like the way the author describing the life of Emilie. It feels so real. The rise of the conflict is so well-made.

517 November 2017Chapter 87Bedroom20 minutes

Indeed, Emilie is a tough girl.

What I don't like by reading this book is there are lots of figurative languages used by the author😂 Although each chapter consists of not more than 12 pages, it takes me long time to digest the meaning of some sentences. That's not a big deal anyway ^_^

619 November 2017Chapter 9,109Grandma's house20 minutes

At first, I think that the story is full of teenage life. But, there's actually a message that the author is trying to deliver by creating a conflict between Emilie and her mother.

720 November 2017Chapter 115Bedroom17 minutes

The love story is getting intense. I know exactly how Emilie feels at the moment. She really wants to keep connections to minimum but she can't resist all the thing given by Chatam. Can't wait to read the next chapter ^_^

821 November 2017Chapter 12,13,1412Home35 mins

What a love story! I don't know but these two lovers make me smiling just by imagining randomly about them. Although they are not officially couple yet, they are so lovey-dovey. If this were a movie, it would be super :D

924 November 2017Chapter 15,1610Bedroom18 minutes

I really appreciate the way the writer puts Emilie in a situation in which she's not the only one born in an unfortunate condition. The plot finally reveals that Chatam's sister was diagnosed with Asperger, Ms. Ringgold's son has down syndrome, and Ayla's mom walked out on her and her dad. I think by putting Emilie in this situation will make her become more comfortable to be open to people around her that she's an epileptic. For me, personally, this gives me a lesson that life isn't always perfect for anyone, it's just a matter of our gratefulness ^_^

1025 November 2017Chapter 17,18,1914My friend's bedroom, Grandma's housearound 40 minutes

They are finally going on a date :D And I'm relieved that finally Emilie reveals her "identity" Ayla.

1126 November 2017Chapter 20,21,22,2320HomeAn hour

I actually get bored in reading this book. It was fun at first but the story keeps being repeated until almost the climax of the story.

1227 November 2017Chapter 24,25,2614Boarding house30 minutes

As I get bored, i could finally find the reason why I should get back on "the track". The writer finally put another conflict. It's a conflict in Cindy's family.

131 December 201727,28,29,30,3123HomeAn hour

It must be hard for Emilie to hold her feeling back from loving someone. And the nightmare happens...Emilie seized in front of many people. She seized during Chatam's basketball match

142 December 2017Chapter 32,33,34,35,36,3727HouseAround an hour

Chatam would be a type of boy that will definitely grow up as a gentleman :D I really like the way the writer using simple words to engage the readers' imaginative world

153 December 2017Chapter 385Home15 mins

The writer is genius. My tears could finally roll down from my eyes. It was a sad and happy ending. The lesson from this book is that nobody is born perfect. Don't judge others just because they are different because being different does not mean he's worse or better than us.
~Hope is a thing with feathers. It’s fluttering inside of me right now like hummingbird wings. Maybe that’s what’s been there inside of me all along: hope~