Twenties Girls by Sophie Kinsella

Sophie Kinsella - Bantam Press

Read By: Rizki azizah

I prefer to take this book because my friend told me that the author is so talented in creating a story and this book is the only preference I can get freely from ebook. I am also curious about how this story will come up since it talks about a ghost. Honestly, I have never read a horror novel, so it is totally attracted me.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
115 December 201716In the bedroom25 mins

This book focuses on Lara's life, a twenty-seven-year-old girl who wants to be a successful businessman. She builds a business with her friend for almost one year but still there is no progress on her business. But, she never tells the truth to her family. Once, she has josh in her life but the relationship has broken up. Her family always advise her to move on, but she still hold her faith that her ex still love him no matter what. She has a successful businessman uncle who is really famous, but he ignores her when she propose for a job.

218 December 2017210in the bedroom41 mins

She hates family meeting. But she has to attend a funeral of her great-aunt who is now 108 years if she still lives. She has no idea why she should come to that because actually her family is not too close to the lady and even Lara has no idea how the lady looks like. Then, her uncle's wife says that the purpose is just for making a good promotion in front of public.
She meets Aunt Trudy who is known as faking lady for her. The only topic she concerns to talk is just about Lara's ex. It hurts her so bad because in any kind of sight, she still loves him.
When she is in her solitary spot, she spends her time memorizing what beautiful memory she has with him, she suddenly heard a strange voice. She finally can see her great-aunt. The lunatic thing is the lady is so obsessive with her necklace till she begs Lara to find it for her.

320 December 20173-418In the bedroom59 mins

Actually the ghost, her great-aunt, is really disturbing her life. She has to stop the funeral process and make a report about a murder that cause the death of the great-aunt. She also has to find how the necklace looks like. In a day, the ghost is dissapeared. But she comes back in unappropriate time. When Lara meets her important client that has a possibility to save the company, the ghost really ruins that opportunity. The client thinks Lara is not professional because of losing concentrating. Then, Lara and the ghost are making a big deal that if Lara can find the necklace, the ghost would never come again