Vampire Academy

Richelle Mead - Razorbill, The Penguin Group

Read By: Saaindah

Well, the reason I were choosing this book was because I love fantasy book ehe

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
17 September 2017Chapter 1 - 2 (1-18)6.273My lovely bed55 mins

The moment I saw this book, I have the feeling that I will like this book ehe

28 September 2017Chapter 3 - 5 (19-56)11.639Still in my lovely bed1 hour, 12 mins

It kinds of make me think that the writer's imagination about vampire and stuff are amazing.

310 September 2017Chapter 6 - 11 (57-107)15.092At my house1 hour, 20 mins

The words are not high for my language level. So I still can understand the meaning of any words.

410 September 2017Chapter 11 - 15 (107-166)18.217At my house1 hours, 15 mins

It was exciting to read a book for me. Mainly because I love reading a book.

511 September 2017Chapter 16 - 17 (167-192)7.757On the bus1 hour, 20 mins

In this book, the writer used many dialogues than the description itself. But then, I was thinking that that was the reason why I read it quickly ehe

612 September 2017Chapter 17 - 18 (192-205)3.900At Peron's secretariat27 mins

The plot is categorized as interesting one for me. The writer can divide the portion between the romance and the action very good.

712 September 2017Chapter 19 - 22 (206-233)8.485At class1 hour, 10 mins

I've got so many new words with reading this book

812 September 2017Chapter 22 - 24 (234-258)8.672At my boarding house40 mins

I am thinking that I should read the next one but maybe after I re-read this book.