Vanity Fair

W.M. Thackeray - Oxford university press

Read By: Tajudin Ali Said

I corious wih the conspiracy in this novel

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
111 October 2017Chapter 1 - 310 pages / 900 wordsClass35 mins

I decided to repeat read from the fisrt page, because i'm not sure with my previous reading, and i start to enjoy reading, and i think i'm to hurry in my previous reading, ok, back to the book,
in Chapter 1
tell about Miss Sedley and Miss Sharps's leaving from the Miss Pinkerton's School, both of them got different situation, much students crying because Miss Sedley's leaving but no one care to Miss Sharp's Leaving, also the Teacher have different treatment, Miss Pinkerton gave Miss Sedley dictionary and Miss Jemima gave Miss Sharps dictionary too, but Miss Pinkerton didn't agree with that, finally Miss Sedley and Miss Sharps leave the School, before they gone, Miss Jemima try to gave the dictionary to Miss Sharps, but, infact Miss Sharps throw the dictionary to the garden and go out from the School.
Chapter 2
In this chapter show the reality, infact Miss Sharps is unkind person specially in school, she born from in trouble family, her Father is unkind person and ever fight with his wife, and in short, Miss Sharp's Parent was die, and she delievered to the Miss Pinkerton's School, she teach Franch and get money, time after time with his personality, he gpt trouble with Miss Pinkerton, finally Miss Sharp was sent out from School and be Governess at Pitt Crawley's Family, Miss Sedley's Family too, and now she live together in one house
Chapter 3
In this capter tell about Miss Sedley, Miss Sharp, Joseph and George Osborne, they meet and gathered in a moment

212 October 2017Chapter 45 Pages / 400 wordsHospital10 mins

Yesterday my nephew had a surgery, i read the the book while waiting in him
in Chapter 4 the story little bit back to the past, tell about William Dobblin a grocer's son, quietest, slowest, the most stupid boy and George Osborne, both of them styudy at Dr Swishtail's School. they ever had a accident that makes they have close relationship until now. Back tho the now time, five characters (Amelia Sedley, George Osborn, Rebecca Sharp, Joseph Sedley and William Dobbin) going to Vauxhall Garden to have a good time, but something happen, Joseph drunk, his hand round to Rebecca, he sing, and make noisy, after that, Dobblin come to take Rebecca to far from Drunk Joseph, The next day, Jos sick, Osborne and Dobbin come to see him, Osborne tell about what happen yesterday and Jos Ashamed, finally he write a letter to Rebecca who still waiting on him, Amelia take and read the letter first, Jos write that he was ashamed and ask forgiveness to Rebecca, and after read the letter Rebeccaleft to work and she promise tho love Amanda forever.

316 October 2017chapter 5300 pclass10 mins

Now miss Rebecca arrived at Sir Pit Crawley's house, Crawley Family os famous family, they rich and close with Elizabeth Queen. This chapter start to tell about Crawley Family

416 October 2017Chapter 6250 pClass10

Miss Sharp's day by day more close with Crawley's Family, especially with Miss Crawley and Rawdon Crawley.
I found difficult word : montmorency, sheepshanks, fond, godless

516 October 2017Chapter 7400 wordsClass15 mins

back to the London, actualyy some Osborne's Family member didn't like Miss Sedley's, they are Misses Osborne and Mr. Osborne, they ask about George and Amelia's relationship. In fact sometimes George didn'd visit Amelia, and Dobbin suggest George to backt to Amelia, and George agree about that. Finally, Amelia they meet and Amelia invited to dinner with Osborne's, but Mr. Osborne show that he didn'd like Amelia, George meet Mr. Osborne to talk about his relationshipand finally Mr. Osborne agree about their relationship and George back to loved Amelia

617 October 2017Chapter 8250 wordsClass10 mins

back to Rebecca, Miss Crawley was sick and Rebecca nurse for her. Someday Mr. Pitt come, Rebecca think he will look for Miss Crawley, but actually he came to see Miss Rebecca, he ask her to come back to his house, he force her to be his wife, but Miss Rebecca refuse it and said if she already married .
I found difficult word : fortnight