When We Were Orphans

Kazuo Ishiguro - Faber and Faber

Read By: nurmasitoh44

Since the writer of my previous novel is Kazuo Ishiguro and I like that novel, so I try to find another novel of him. I found a lot of novel written by him, but I decide to choose this novel because it seems in my level. The storyline itself about a man who tries to find his parents that lost years ago when he was child.

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
121 November 201711 chpBoarding house1 hour

In this first chapter I got really bored about the storyline. The writer liked to tell the story in not good order when the main character was recalling his memory. This made me so bored but actually I keep reading the book because I want to know what happened to Christopher in the past and in the next chapter.

25 December 201721 chpSamsat klaten1 hour

I found something interesting here that made me get curious about the story. I found that Christopher was interested in Miss Hammings. However, when he was rejected by her in that occasion, he became a little bit dissapointed. This chapter made me curious about the next story, but sometimes the length of the chapter itself that made me so surprised because sometimes it made the story really long and broader.

39 December 201731 chpHome1 hour

This is the last chapter of the first part. It made me surprised when Miss Hammings looked for Christopher for ages after that rejection. Of course Christopher just lost his interest in Miss Hammings and changed into dissapointed. I did like how Christopher became a famous peson because of his hard work. He was so popular because of it and his relationship became broader. However in this chapter, it was revealed why he didn't have parents. In this chapter, I almost cried because of knowing the truth when he was kid in Shanghai. He should move to England with a friend of his father, but some years later that person died. How Christopher act strongly was touching me so much.

410 December 2017Chapter 41 chpHome1 hour

The most interesting part is when Christopher called back his memory in the past, so I get the point who Akira actually is. He is Christopher's old friend in Shanghai. In this chapter, Christopher also talked about his mother. Suddenly I remember about my mother actually even I read it at home LOL. In this part reveal some facts that actually I don't know in the previous chapter.
In this chapter, it also said that Christopher and Miss Hammings got in a good relationship.

510 December 2017Chapter 51 chpHome1 hour

There is something unique here. I found a fact that Christopher's parents have a different point of view about opium. His mother against opium and joined a campaign for refusing anything about opium. However, his father has been working at a company which distributes opium. That is so interesting. Suddenly I remember someone's saying that 'Sebelum sejalan, jadilah sepaham dulu.'. How this made me get the point why marriage is not only about loving each other then deciding to spend the rest of life together. This is such an evidence that marriage is not that simple.

612 December 2017Chapter 61 chpHome1 hour

In this chapter, it revealed someone named Uncle Phillip. I don't know why I don't like this character. How he appeared when Christopher's parents has argument. Fyi, Uncle Phillip is joining a campaign about opium like Christopher's mom.

712 December 2017Chapter 71 chpBoarding house1 hour

In this chapter told about Akira who was bullied by his friends because of not Japanese enough. Actually, I'm so irritating to people who do bullying. Just like, how and why. What if their position is in the victim's. They just don't know how hard it is for the victim. I do hate about that kind of society. I think that being different is not a matter. Anyway, Being careful with our words may save one's life.

812 December 2017Chapter 81 chpBoarding House45 mins

This chapter actually talks about the characters of Akira, but what makes me interested is the time that Christopher must struggle because of hir losing his father.

919 December 2017Chapter 91 chpBoarding house1.5 hours

This chapter is the last chapter of 2. I just can reach this chaptef for the last day of logbook deadline. However, I will keep update my reading since the story itself is really interesting.
This chapter talked about Christopher's mother who was being kidnapped. Not long ago, Christopher's father was being kidnapped and it made Christopher a little bit traumatic, now his mother was also being kidnapped. So sad really. If now I face Christopher, I may hug him and let him cry. So sad. I can imagine how sad he was at that time:(