R.J. Palacio - US: Alfred A. Knopf

Read By: Siti Um

I was looking for some books review in Goodreads and this book caught my attention. This book is quite popular in school or education area. It is used for a reference in English subject in US schools ( I am not sure about Indonesia schools). I will tell you about what the book tells about: August ( Auggie) Pullman was born with a facial deformity that prevented him from going to a mainstream school- until now. He is about to enter fifth grade at Beecher Prep, and if you are a new kid, you know how hard that can be. August is just an ordinary kid, with an extraordinary face, but can he convince his new classmates that he is just like them, despite appearances?

NRDateBook's Chapter/PagesPages/WordsPlaceTime
112 September 2017Ordinary - Christopher's House14Boarding House30 mins

Fun and quite easy to understand. :)
I listed some unfamiliar words from the book:
- petrified
- cleft
- grumpy
- bummed

I will look up for the meanings in the dictionary later.

217 September 2017Driving - Jack Will, Julian, and Charlotte8Boarding House30 mins

Well, this is my second time of reading this book. It is fun, I mean, the vocabularies are quite easy to understand. At these chapters, Auggie was shocked to know that he was going to study at a normal school, not home-schooled again. At first, he disagreed with their parents' decision to send him to a normal school but finally, he agreed. He went to the school before it started. He met the school director, Mr Thusman. He also met Julian, Jack Will, and Charlotte who would take him to a school grand tour.

321 September 2017The Grand Tour - Choose Kind19Boarding House1 hours, 15 mins

I will write a summary from the chapters that I have read. Auggie finally joined the school grand tour with Julian, Jack, and Charlotte. They entered some of the school rooms: lab, performance space, library, etc.. Jack Will and Charlotte were really kind and nice. However, Auggie found that Julian was not nice and kind at all. He said a mean thing like "Hey, what's the deal with your face? is it burned or something?". Auggie felt sad and decided to go home with her mother.

Several days later, the shool started. There were just some kids that noticed August (Auggie) appearance. August acted like he saw nothing just like usual. He did not want to be bothered with people's look (at him).

425 September 2017Lunch -The Cheese Touch17RS. Moewardi30 mins

Auggie started his first day of school. He enjoyed some classes eventhough only Jack Will who wanted to sit near him at class. He also met Summer at the lunch time. She was very nice. She did not seem to be uncomfortable with his look. She always sit near him at the lunch time and they would have a talk.
I listed some unfamiliar words:
- crumbs
- plopped
- mac
- reed
- germ
I wrote the meaning of each word under it.

529 September 2017Costumes - Seeing August10Boarding House15 mins

At this chapter, Via ( Auggie's Sister) told about her experience seeing Auggie for the first time. She told what she felt, what she thought etc. about him. She loved him very much. She always protected and cared for him every time there were people did mean things to Auggie.

61 October 2017August Through the Peephole -After School6RS. Moewardi10 mins

-Via's POV-
She told about her first experience in High School. She told about her old friend who acted differently at HS. They used to be friends but now, 'not really' I think.

76 October 2017The Padawan Bites the Dust - Time to Think15Boarding House1 Hour

-Via met new friends in her school. She met Justin and secretly had a crush on him. :)
- August went home earlier from his school. He felt sad and mad. On his school Halloween day, He heard that Jack lied to him. Jack said to Julian that he wanted to be friend with August just because Mr Thusman asked him to. Jack did not know that August heard it secretly.
August decided to go home and he did not want to go to school anymore. He thought that he had no real friend. However, Via encouraged him to go to school again and he said ok ( after arguing for several minutes).

87 October 2017Weird Kids - The Egyptian Tomb12Boarding House32 mins

-Summer's POV-
- Summer is really nice and kind to August.
She never faked her attitude towards him. She just wanted to be friends with him. At this chapter, she told about how she met August for the 1st time and so on.
- Jack felt there was something up to August. He acted weirdly. He also did not talk to Jack. He was kind of mad. Jack did not know what happened. It was because he didn't know that August heard what he said before to Julian.

I am curious about what will happen next between August and Jack. I also felt upset to Jack.

99 October 2017The Call - Season's Greeting18NHIC1 hour

Jack's POV
He was actually a good boy. He wanted to be friend with August but also Julian. He did not want Julian to hate him because he was friend with August. That was why he told Julian that He wanted to be friend with August just because of Mr. Thusman's order. However, August got the misunderstanding.

1011 October 2017Letters, Emails, Facebook, Texts - The Boyfriend19Sinabung1 hour

Finnaly, Jack and August made up. It was lit. August got his friend back. Jack went to August's house to do their science project. He met Daisy (August's dog), Via, and Justin (Via's boyfriend).

1115 October 2017Olivia's Brother - Our Town5Home10 mins

Justin's POV
Justin was such a good boy too. He did not matter Via's brother condition. He loved her sincerely. At this chapter, he told about how he met Via for the first time and ended up dating her.

1219 October 2017Ladybug - The Universe8Boarding House25 mins

Justin was in a zydeco band. He played fiddle. He went to a dinner with Via's family and he liked them a lot.
Via's school would have a play or such a mini theatre ( I am sorry Mom El, it was not a concert like I told you before. My bad). Justin would be the main character together with Miranda ( Via's (ex) friend). Via was just an understudy (pemain pengganti bila ada aktor yang tidak bisa main ) :).

1320 October 2017North Pole - The Ending21Boarding House45 mins

- Sad story, Daisy was dead. She was sick. All of The Pullman family sad and cried. She was the best dog they ever had.
- The Pullman family went to Via's school for the play. It was a big success. Via and Justin was amazing. The play got a standing ovation.
- August met Miranda for the first time after a long time. She was really nice and kind to him. He missed her so much.
- Actually, Miranda still wanted to be friend with Via. Her feeling was still the same despite her looks now. She still loved Via. They were bestfriend then.

1425 October 2017The Fifth-Grade Nature Retreat - The Walk Home40Boarding House1 hour

During a school trip to a nature reserve, when Auggie and Jack were attacked by seventh graders from another school, they were defended by several of Julian's friends (Julian didn't attend the trip). After their return to school, Julian became less popular, and Auggie was generally more accepted by their fellow fifth graders. Auggie's family got a new dog named Bear. They were really glad and grateful.
At the year's end, at the graduation ceremony, Auggie was awarded the "Henry Ward Beecher Medal" which "honours students who have been notable or exemplary in certain areas throughout the school year." He got a standing ovation, which inspired his precept for Mr. Browne, and went back to his house for a party to celebrate. The book ended with his mother commenting on him being a "wonder".


Honestly, I really love this book. It teaches me so many good things. AANNDDDD, it will be filmed and aired this November. woohoooo!