Clothes Lesson Plan

Rosa Hayyu (K2220068)


clothes lesson plan poster


Topic : Clothes

Skill : Speaking 

Level : 1st grade of elementary school

Time : 1×30 minutes

Objectives :  Talking about different clothes 

Structures :  “ what is this?” , “put on your..” , “he/she is wearing..” 

Target vocabulary : T-shirt, dress, jacket, pants, shorts, cap, shoes, socks, sweater, glasses, gloves, and raincoat.

Teaching Media : laptop, flashcard, song, worksheet.

Warm up : 

  • Listen to clothes song : play the song in class and ask students to try and remember the names of the clothes that they hear. After listening, ask students what words they can remember, write them on the board, and then ask students what other clothes they know. 

Main Activity : 

  • The teacher presents the words using flashcards one by one, pronounce them slowly and clearly, have students just repeated once is enough.
  • Practice game : (peek-a-boo) with a flashcard using the phrase “i’m wearing..”
  • Describing game : Split the class into two teams. Two students go outside of the classroom while the rest of the class choose someone from their class to describe. The two students come back and the class take it in turns to describe the chosen person, using ‘He / she is wearing…’ The first person to guess correctly gets a point for their team 
  • Draw clothes : photocopy of a body for students to draw clothes onto

Wrap up : 

  • Appreciation 
  • Clothes vocabulary review
  • Sing a song


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