Days of the week (Teaching Vocabulary for Children)

Fatiha Najma Yustisia (K2217035)


Teaching Scenario Poster_Fatiha NY_K2217035_page-0001


  1. Lesson/subject

Days of the week (vocabulary mastery)

  1. Time allocation

1 hour

  1. Objectives/goals
    Students are able to mention 7 days in the week and know the order of days in a week.
  2. Language focus

 “Today is … ” , “Tomorrow is …”  , “Yesterday was …” , “What day is today?”

  1. Target vocab

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.


-Students’ nametags 

-Days of the week song 

-Days of the week spinner 

-Emoji reflection

-Stars Reward 

-Goodbye song