Farm Animals

Tsabita Amalia Firdausy (K2220077)


Poster Farm Animals - Tsabita AF.png



General Overview

Topic: Farm Animals

Time Allocation: 45 minutes

Level: 1st-grade Elementary School 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Students will learn the names of different farm animals.
  2. Students will practice making the sounds that farm animals make.
  3. Students will improve their ability to say the words of farm animals correctly.
  4. Students can match pictures of farm animals with their unique features or traits.

Lesson Overview

Warm-Up Activities (7 minutes)

1. Greeting

2. Praying

3. Checking students’ attendance 

4. Introduction to the topic

Main Activities (30 minutes)

1. Introduce the vocabulary by showing flashcards

2. Give the animal’s characteristics to the students and teach and practice the noises with them

3. Sing and dance “Walk Around the Farm”

4. Guess the animals in a game. “Hey, Guess Me!”

5. Play the game “Star Star”

6. Play the game “Farm Animals Match”

Wrap-Up Activities (8 minutes)

1. Reviewing the material

2. Assigning homework

3. Praying 

4. Saying goodbye and closing the class