Places in Town

Amalia Nur Khayati (K2220009)


target of vocabulary & teaching media


Teaching the material of places in town helps students in recognizing many public places. Moreover, a lot of text and conversation may often involve the places in town in other material. Therefore, the material of places in town is important to be taught to enhance students’ skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. As the basic knowledge, students are able to recognize and identify the places in town in Bahasa Indonesia then they are able to label them in English. Therefore, in this teaching session, speaking and listening skills are emphasized. There are many activities that assist students in improving those skills, among others:

  1. recognizing and memorizing the places in town using flashcards
  2. choosing the places according to their characteristics
  3. matching pairs (matching the objects related to the places)
  4. circling the places located in students’ towns to make them indirectly explore their environment and describing those places based on the characteristics they have to improve the students’ speaking skills. in the real situation as a teacher who teaches in the classroom, this activity can be used as an individual assessment. the students present their work in front of the class while the teacher assesses them. The teacher also has to give feedback for their presentation in order to encourage students to progress in the development of their language skills and comprehension.



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