Teaching Scenario “Classroom Stationery”

Fathiin Hafizhota (K2218035)


ELTfC Lesson Plan (1)-6d06df30


Lesson: Classroom Stationery

Time Allocation: 70 minutes

Students Level: Elementary School

Objectives: Talking about classroom stationery and requesting things


-“What’s in your bag?”

-“Bring me the (pencil), please”

-“Put it / them in my bag”

-“Do you have my/a (pencil)?”

Target Vocab: Bag, pencil, pen, book, glue, crayons, color pencil, ruler, eraser, scissors, pencil case, stapler, pencil sharpener, and tape.

Media: Flashcard, Worksheets, Printout Pictures

Lesson Overview:

1. Warm Up

-Praying together and checking students attendance

-Ask students to look around and ask what stationery is around them.

-Ask students what stationery they bring to school.

2. Main Activity

-Introduce the vocab

-Play “Let’s get to know the stationery”

-Play “Bring me the item”

-Play “Do you have…?”

-Play “Pick the stationary”

-Do the “Classroom Stationery” worksheet

3. Wrap Up

-Showing the flashcards one by one and students in turn are mention to name the stationery shown in the picture using English.

-Assign homework: “Choose the stationery” worksheet.