Teaching Vocabulary – What Time Is It? (Teaching Scenario & Media)

Silvia Rahmawati Nur Ramadhani (K2217073)




  1. 1. Lesson: Time (How to tell and ask the time)

2. Time allocation: 50-60 minutes

3. Objectives: Students can telling and asking for the time

4. Structures

  • “What time is it?”
  • “Please could you tell me the time?”
  • “It’s ___ o’clock”

5. Target vocab: clock, o’clock, time

6. Media:

  • Big clock
  • Speaker
  • Laptop/mobile phone
  • A4 sheets with number 1-12
  • Flashcard of the clock (1-12 o’clock)
  • Glue/double tape

The songs also needed to make the class merrier. Here are the links: (Hello song for warm-up) (Make a Circle song for warm-up) (Telling Time song for main activity) (See you later, Alligator song for warm-up)