Teaching Scenario – Rooms of a House

Armeita Eka Putri (K2218018)


Poster - Revised 1-494316ec


Lesson: Rooms of a house

Level of Student: Kindergarten

Time allocation: 1 hour

Learning objectives/goals: mention different rooms of a house, household objects, and activities done in the different rooms of the house.

Language focus:

“What room is this?”

“It is….” (mention the name of the room)

“What are you doing in this room?”

“Where in the house do you eat/sleep/study and etc.?”

“What is the name of this thing?”

Target vocabulary: house, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, garden

Lesson materials: flashcards, YouTube videos, small ball, cups, name tags, computer, speaker, whiteboard, double tip, worksheet.