Teaching Vocabulary – Foods

Oktaviana Marlinda (K2217062)


Poster (Oktaviana Marlinda K2217062)


1.) Lesson: Vocabularies about food

2.) Time allocation: 40 mins – 1 hour

3.) Objectives: Students can recognize new vocabularies (kind of food / food’s name)

4.) Language focus:

-) “Ow, he is hungry. He wants to eat.”

-) “What’s in the box….”

-) “Where is the cake?”

-) “Let me see let me see, please”

-) “The cake is here, the cake is here.”

-) “What is this, what is this?”

-) “It’s a cake…”

-) “Do you like it?”

-) “Yes, I like cake”

5.) Target Vocab: Name of food such as, pizza, rice, fried chicken, soup, hamburger, cake, ice cream, french fries, noodles, salad.

6.) Media for teaching:
a.) A set of flashcards (name of food)
b.) An empty box which designed like a cute monster and there is a slot to fit a flashcard at the front.