Undersea Life Lesson Plan

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UNDERSEA LIFE General Information Level of students Kindergarten Time 1 x 60 mins Learning objective   Students will be able to name the undersea creatures, Students will be able to pronounce the undersea creatures correctly, Students will be able to identify the characteristics of the undersea creatures Target vocabulary Sailor […]

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Rooms in the House

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In the Rooms in the House lesson, students will be introduced to the names of the rooms in English that they have at home. Apart from knowing the name of the room in English, students will also be taught the function of the room and identify what rooms they have […]

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Describing People

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Describing People is material for 3rd Grade in Elementary School. This material is focused on teaching vocabulary and the expression of describing people. 

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Family Members

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TEACHING SCENARIO FOR KINDERGARTENName: Fila Arista/K2219029Material: Family memberTopic: Family memberDuration: 45 – 60 minutesObjective: Student will able to identify, memorize, and pronounce the name of family membersTarget Vocabulary: Father, Mother, Uncle, Aunt, Cousin, Grandmother, Granfather, Sister, BrotherMedia: Flashcard, video, poster, audio

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Lesson Activity OPENING Greeting Checking students’ attendance Praying Sing a song – “If you’re happy” Warming up Introducing the material MAIN ACTIVITY Watching video – “Places in a City” Pronunciation practice Brainstorming (exercise) Doing the worksheet Evaluating the worksheet CLOSING Reviewing students’ understanding Sing a song – “See you later”

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Level: 3rd grade elementary school Time: 2×40 minute Objective:  Discussing kinds of vegetable Structure: Do you know what kind of vegetable this is? “this is…” “what is your favorite vegetable?” My favorite vegetable is…” “what are your favorite vegetable?” My favorite vegetable are…” “What vegetable is this?” “This is…” “I […]

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Level of Students: Elementary School Grade 1 Learning Objective: Students are able to identify what kind of activity they can do Camping and what kind of equipment they need while Camping Time: 1 x 60 minutes Downloaded Materials: Flashcard, 2 Printable Worksheets Flashcard: Tent, Camera, Guitar, Binoculars, Bug Spray, Boots, […]

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Level of Student : 1st Grade of Elementary School Topic : Greetings and Partings Time : 2 x 45 minutes Learning Objectives : – Student are able to determine appropriate greetings and partings while reading and listening  – Student can determine appropriate greetings and partings in a conversation  – Student […]

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JOBS Level of student 2nd grade of kindergarten Learning objective Students are able to know the types of job names in English. Students are able to practice the expressions used to ask/give information about types of job names in English. Time 2×35 minutes Target vocabulary Kinds of jobs Teaching materials […]

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Lesson Plan ALPHABET

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Lesson Overview Level of Student: KindergartenLearning Objective: Students are able tom identifying AlphabetsTime Allocation: 1×45 minutesDownloaded Material: Flashcards, Worksheet, ABC SongFlashcards: A-Z AlphabetsPrintable Material: Flashcards, WorksheetSong: 1. ABC Song 2. Good Morning Song 3. Good Bye Song Tools: A4 size paper, glue, scissor Warm-Up1. Welcoming/Greeting: Good Morning Song2. Praying together […]

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Pets & Possessions


Level of Students: Kindergarten Age 5-6 Learning Objective: Students understand pets and possessions using the sentence pattern “I have…” Time Allocation: 2×45 minutes Target Vocabulary: Pets, dogs, cats, birds, fish, rabbits, hamsters, turtles, chicken, duck, frog, cocoon, numbers 1-10 LESSON OVERVIEW Warm-Up Name tags Pray together Main Activity Review numbers […]

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Let’s learn about Colors!


Level of Student Elementary School Grade 1 Learning Objective ·      Students are able to identify colors’ name ·      Students can name color of things around them ·      Students can remember colors’ name Time 2×35 minutes Target Vocabulary Red, blue, orange, green, black, white, purple, yellow, and brown Downloaded Materials Wheel […]

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Lesson OverviewWarm Up and Maintenance (10 minutes)1. Pray together2. Check the students’ attendance3. Welcoming and greeting4. Do the daily exercise5. Homework check New Learning and Practice (30 minutes): 1. Teach the fruit vocab 2. Play “Match Up the Fruit” game 3. Teach structures “What fruit is this?” “This is…”, “What […]

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Animals Forest

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Level of Student Kindergarten Learning Objective Students are able to memorize the names of forest animals. Time  2×45 minutes Target Vocabulary 20 name of animals (badger, bear, beaver, bird, boar, bugs, deer, duck, fox, frog, hedgehog, mole, otter, owl, rabbit, raccoon, skunk, snake, squirrel, wolf)     Printable Materials Worksheet […]

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Warm up  Greeting  Pray together  Ask student condition  Brainstorming  Main activity  Introduce the name vehicles Show the image of the vehicles Having discussion about vehicles Closing Checking memorize the student by mentioning the vocabulary together and choose some students to telling it 

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