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Learning about seasons helps children understand the cycle of nature and the changes that occur throughout the year. They become aware of the patterns of weather, temperature, and daylight, and how they influence the environment and living things. This knowledge promotes a connection with nature and a sense of appreciation […]

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A hobby is an activity that people like or enjoy doing for leisure. Which means here they are familiar with the things they like, and in my opinion, when students learn about things they like, their motivation and interest in learning will also increase so that the learning process will […]

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Teaching daily routine vocabulary to grade three primary school students is very important because it enables students to develop language skills that can be used to communicate effectively. By learning words and phrases related to daily routines, students can express their activities and habits well, thus developing their ability to […]

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Green Border Variety of Fruits Raffle Flyer

This lesson plan is a lesson plan to teach fruits to kindergarten students. Link worksheets: Link flashcards:

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Clothes (Final Project)


The students need to be aware of what they are wearing by identifying different kinds of clothes and they also need to practice their speaking skill by pronouncing the vocabulary correctly. Media: worksheets, YouTube video

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Poster Lesson Plan Fani

The topic of this material is important because it can help students get to know the names of transportation commonly used by people around them. Lesson Plan: Time 2 X 40 minutes Level 1st Grade of Elementary School LearningObjectives In this teaching and learning activity, students will learn togetherabout some […]

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Teaching classroom stationery to kindergarten students is important because it helps to build important skills and understanding of the use of classroom stationery that will benefit them throughout their school years and beyond. 

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Emotions and Feelings


Student’s Level Kindergarten Time Allocation 45 minutes – 1 hour Learning Media Plushie, Flashcards, Laptop, Projector, Loudspeaker Learning Objective Students are able to identify other people’s feelings Students are able to regulate their emotions in a healthy way Target Vocabullary Happy Sad Angry Hungry Sleepy Warm Up Greeting Introducing today’s […]

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Relationships in the family are important for children because they form the basis for their personality, behavior and life as a whole. Children who have healthy relationships with their parents are more likely to develop positive relationships with others around them.

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What’s the Matter?

Poster Lesson Plan Health and Sickness

This ELTFC project raises ‘Health and Sickness’ as the focus of teaching listening and writing skills to fifth graders of elementary school. Through this learning session, students are expected to be able to identify and express words related to types of sickness. Flashcards, a video and worksheets are used as […]

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Speaking skills: Greetings and Partings

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General Level of student 1st grade of elementary school Topic Greetings and partings Time 2 x 35 minutes Learning objectives ·         Students can recognize phrases for greetings and partings ·         Students can enhance communication abilities in real life situation ·         Students can cultivate empathy and respect for each other Target […]

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Where is it?

Colorful Illustrated Information Poster

In this lesson, students will learn about prepositions of location. Students are expected to understand saying where things are using prepositions.

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Lesson Plan

General Lesson : Colors Student’s Level : Kindergarten Time Allocation : 45 Minutes Learning Objective : Student are able to know and understand about colors. Learning Media : Video, Colors roullete, Matching Pairs Sheet and Assesment Target Vocabularies : Red, Blue, White, Green, Yellow, Black, Orange, and Pink. Warm-Up Greeting […]

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Number 1-10

Poster Lesson Plan

This lesson plan will help teacher and parents to teach learners in kindergarten level (4-6 years) about numbers start from 1 up to 10.

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Student’s Level Kindergarten Time Allocation 30 – 40 minutes Learning Media Video and Flashcard Learning Objective Students are able to identify six shapes there are circle, square, triangle, diamond, star, and heart. Target Vocabullary Circle Square Triangle Diamond Star Heart Warm Up Greeting Pray Checking Attandence Main Activity Watch the […]

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